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No. 2 Iowa Rebounds Back Behind Caitlin Clark’s 35-Point Performance

    No. 2 Iowa Rebounds Back Behind Caitlin Clark's 35-Point Performance

    The second-ranked Iowa team overcame their only season loss by prevailing over Drake with a score of 113-90 on Sunday. Caitlin Clark had an incredible 35 points and ten assists, while Kate Martin reached a personal high of 25 points. The victory enabled the Iowa team to bounce back from their single loss of the season.

    Clark had his 39th career 30-point game, setting him as the Player with the most significant amount of 30-point games in Division I over the last 25 seasons. Plum had previously held the record for the most 30-point games in Division I.

    “Upon our return to practice after the K-State game, Coach Bluder presented us with a challenge, and I believe we exhibited a commendable response,” according to Clark.

    A loss against Kansas State by a score of 65-58 was handed down to the Hawkeyes, who now have a record of 4-1. The fact that they were able to score a record-breaking 64 points in the first half of the game is a great accomplishment that they accomplished. Their shooting accuracy was also excellent, with a 72 percent success rate in the first quarter and a 65 percent success rate over the whole half. Iowa could commit just 13 turnovers while still racking up 27 assists.

    “In comparison to Thursday night, we displayed a slightly better performance, and I would like to express my gratitude for that,” stated Lisa Bluder, the coach of the Iowa Hawkeyes. “We emerged and recommenced playing Iowa basketball, characterized by a high number of assists and a low number of turnovers.”

    Bluder thinks that the Hawkeyes were unable to accomplish the task of establishing a steady rhythm over the whole of Thursday’s game.

    “I believe our energy level demonstrated significant improvement during tonight’s game,” according to Bluder. “Our attention was more concentrated.”

    Despite having one of her worst shooting performances in college, Clark recovered by converting 14 out of 22 field goal attempts, including five successful goals from beyond the arc out of 11 attempts. Clark is currently the national Player of the Year and was selected as a consensus preseason All-American by the Associated Press.

    Clark’s shooting performance in Thursday’s game was terrible, as he only made 9 out of 32 field goal attempts and just 2 out of 16 efforts from beyond the arc. His overall shooting percentage was a mere 2 percent.

    “The majority of the 3-point shots I took against Kansas State were well-executed, although there were a few that were not,” remarked Clark. “Occasionally, there are nights where the shots fail to enter the goal.”

    Martin underwent an even more significant change. However, in this specific game, she made ten out of twelve shots, but in the game on Thursday, she did not score any points.

    Martin added, “I displayed a sense of assurance when shooting tonight,” referring to her three successful three-point attempts, her first of the season. “Throughout the entire week, my fellow teammates had been bolstering my confidence, while all the coaches also provided me with encouragement and support.” The fact that we could not score a three-point shot in any of the first four games was disheartening. That I was able to take action tonight and effectively overcome them was a source of considerable satisfaction for me.

    Bluder said, “Kate Martin conceived a one-of-a-kind board game for us.” “She performed with the same level of skill and enthusiasm as she did during the summer, and I thoroughly enjoy witnessing such a display.”

    After their most recent loss, the coach of the Drake team, Allison Pohlman, voiced her concern about the prospect of her team competing against the Hawkeyes.

    “You are correct.” “I do not feel the need to verbalize it,” she said. “I am Captain Obvious.” Despite the fact that everyone is aware of it, they choose not to talk about it since it is a noticeable and unsettling matter.

    Molly Davis provided 10 points to the Hawkeyes’ total, while Sharon Goodman added 15 points to the team’s total.

    “One should not evaluate a team solely based on a single game, whether it is a positive or negative outcome,” according to Clark. “We were aware that it did not accurately depict our identity.”

    The Hawkeyes finished the game with a shooting percentage of 64%, which was a noteworthy accomplishment.

    Grace Berg led Drake (3-1) in scoring with a total of 19 points, making her the team’s leading scorer. Katie Dinnebier and Anna Miller scored 15 points, with Dinnebier scoring the most. Both Taylor McAulay and Courtney Becker put up ten points each in their respective games.

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