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McDonald’s Original Restaurant Is Now a Cool Museum With Rare McMemorabilia

    McDonald's Original Restaurant Is Now a Cool Museum With Rare McMemorabilia

    McDonald’s is not a newcomer to the concept of “dishing out pieces of the past,” as the fast food business has been known to bring back menu items that are popular with customers and honor well-known characters. On the other hand, there is one location that elevates the sensation of nostalgia to a whole new level.

    A museum in San Bernardino, California, is devoted to the well-known fast-food company McDonald’s. The museum is located on Route 66. At this exact spot in 1940, the first McDonald’s restaurant appeared on the scene.

    Despite the fact that the McDonald’s organization acknowledges the significance of the location of this museum, the museum itself does not have official sanction from the firm. According to SFGate, the firm is “presumably aware of it,” which is a contrary statement.

    Visitors can learn about the history of the McDonald’s company, which is the largest fast-food business in the world, by visiting the unofficial McDonald’s museum, which is open every day and does not charge entry fees. In addition to taking visitors across time, the museum also brings them back in time. Guests will be able to recognize McDonald’s characters like Grimace and Hamburglar as soon as they step foot on the premises of the attraction.

    Furthermore, tourists will get the opportunity to view what is commonly referred to as “The World’s Most Detailed Mural,” which is a mural that wraps around the museum’s exterior on all sides.

    The instant customers set foot inside the building, they are immediately taken back to the McDonald’s that existed during those days. The space is covered with images and other fast-food memorabilia, including vintage employee uniforms, cooking equipment, and replica menus from when the brand was initially created as a barbecue restaurant.

    In addition, a visit to McDonald’s would be lacking in its entirety if it did not involve the acquisition of a Happy Meal. Not only does the museum represent Happy Meals from the past that have been given in various regions of the world, but it also shows a collection of Happy Meal toys that have been distributed throughout the years.

    Visitors to the museum will also have the opportunity to inspect the clothing used in the movie “The Founder,” released in 2016. The movie tells the narrative of how Ray Kroc turned McDonald’s into a multi-billion dollar corporation

    In addition to being the founder of Juan Pollo, a chain of rotisserie chicken restaurants with a menu that is inspired by Mexican cuisine, the late Albert Okura is the one who is responsible for the establishment of the McDonald’s museum, which the company does not permit.

    1998 was the year that Okura completed the purchase of the building that is currently serving as the museum’s home. Juan Pollo’s headquarters were also located in this region, which he exploited.

    It should be noted that the McDonald’s museum in San Bernardino was one of many McDonald’s museums to be constructed before its opening to the general public. Des Plaines, Illinois, is the location of the McDonald’s Store No. 1 Museum, which was created in 1985.

    The company’s ninth location, which was Kroc’s first restaurant and opened in 1955, was intended to be replicated at this new location using the same concept. However, despite this, the museum was eventually demolished in 2018 due to the persistent flooding in the area.

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