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LSU Women’s Basketball Bans Angel Reese After Star Leaves Home

    LSU Women's Basketball Bans Angel Reese After Star Leaves Home

    On Friday night, Angel Reese, a star player for the LSU women’s basketball team, was not included in the team’s game against Southeastern Louisiana. This decision may have been made since she could not participate in Tuesday’s second half of the team’s win against Kent State.

    Following LSU’s dominant victory against Southeastern Louisiana, which was 73-50, head coach Kim Mulkey was questioned about the absence of a certain player and asked to offer an explanation for their absence. The fact that Angel was not wearing a uniform was clearly obvious.

    Angel is a part of this basketball team, and we look forward to her returning in the not-too-distant future. My decision to stop from delivering any more answers is final. That perfectly sums up everything. That is the whole of the facts that each and every one of you needs to take into consideration.

    Mulkey was mysterious when she made the choice to bench Reese earlier in the week. She referred to it as a “coach’s decision” but implied that some significant circumstances around it were not divulged. Mulkey had avoided answering more questions about the likelihood of a suspension for the forward before the game against Southeastern Louisiana.

    The reason why Reese was not present with the squad on Friday has not been divulged, nor has she made any public statements on her feelings over the decision to bench her. After LSU’s victory against Kent State, she took to Instagram to post upbeat pictures of her students and teammates enjoying their accomplishments.

    The Tigers have had a rough start to the 2023-24 season, which has been challenging. As a result of the club’s defeat in their first game against Colorado, Mulkey openly questioned the leadership of the team. Although she did not mention Reese in her rant, she did recognize that only two players on the squad lived up to her standards. These players were Mikaylah Williams and Sa’Myah Smith.

    Since Me’Arah O’Neal and Joyce Edwards could not provide their commitments to play for LSU’s women’s basketball team, the school has lately encountered challenges in recruiting female basketball players. The players made a promise to play for the Florida and South Carolina teams in that particular order.

    Despite the fact that Reese was not there, LSU could easily defeat Southeastern Louisiana on Friday night. In her first double-double in more than a year, Flau’jae Johnson achieved her first double-double by scoring 17 points and grabbing 11 rebounds while serving as a replacement.

    In spite of the fact that a number of LSU players struggled with shooting from long range, Hailey Van Lith showed a great turnaround by hitting 5-for-8 from the field and 2-for-3 from beyond the arc.

    During the first round of the NCAA women’s basketball season, not only LSU, the team that now holds the title of national champion, but also other powerful teams have suffered surprise losses. North Carolina State beat UConn, and the Huskies’ outstanding player, Paige Bueckers, referred to the team’s poor defensive effort as “embarrassing.”

    Caitlin Clark of Iowa had a shooting performance that was nothing short of a nightmare on her state’s home court, which ultimately led to a defeat to Kansas State.

    In addition to being one of the leading candidates for the preseason title, South Carolina has been doing very well by achieving decisive wins against opponents that are rated highly. With a score of 100-71, they were able to overcome Notre Dame, which was ranked sixteenth at the time, Maryland, which was ranked twenty-first, with a score of 114-76, and Clemson, which was ranked forty-nine points.

    There is an intriguing clash between the Gamecocks and the Utah squad, which is rated fourth, that is slated to take place on December 10th. During this matchup, the Gamecocks will have the chance to bolster their case for being the most versatile and balanced team in college basketball at the beginning of this season.

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