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Every State’s Favorite Pizza Toppings

    Every State's Favorite Pizza Toppings

    Pizza, with its versatile dough and endless topping possibilities, has become a beloved dish across the United States. From the classic Margherita to the adventurous BBQ chicken, pizza toppings vary widely, reflecting regional tastes and preferences.

    In this culinary exploration, we delve into every state’s favorite pizza toppings, uncovering the diverse combinations that make each region’s pizza unique.


    Starting in the Northeast, New York takes pride in its iconic New York-style pizza, often adorned with a simple yet satisfying topping combination: tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and a sprinkle of oregano. Meanwhile, neighboring New Jersey has a penchant for adding a twist to the traditional by incorporating sausage and peppers onto its pizza.

    Moving up to New England, Connecticut boasts the white clam pizza, a delightful blend of fresh clams, garlic, olive oil, and grated Parmesan. Massachusetts, on the other hand, embraces the classic Margherita, showcasing the beauty of simplicity with tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil, and olive oil.


    In the Mid-Atlantic region, Pennsylvania’s love for pierogies extends to its pizza, with toppings like mashed potatoes, cheese, and bacon. Maryland introduces the unique Chesapeake Bay pizza, featuring crab meat and Old Bay seasoning, offering a taste of the state’s maritime heritage.

    The South

    Heading down to the South, Louisiana’s Cajun influence is evident in the Andouille sausage and crawfish toppings that grace its pizzas. Texas, with its expansive culinary landscape, showcases the BBQ chicken pizza, a fusion of smoky barbecue flavors and tender chicken. In the Sunshine State of Florida, seafood lovers rejoice with the addition of shrimp and key lime-infused sauces on their pizzas.


    In the heartland of the Midwest, Chicago deep-dish pizza reigns supreme. Known for its thick, buttery crust and layers of toppings, the Windy City’s favorite includes sausage, green peppers, onions, and mushrooms. Moving over to Missouri, the St. Louis-style pizza features a cracker-thin crust and a unique Provel cheese blend, a combination of provolone, Swiss, and white cheddar.

    Mountain West

    Venturing to the Mountain West, Colorado’s green chile-infused pizzas showcase the state’s love for Southwestern flavors. In Utah, the famed “Utah Scone Pizza” features a scone-like crust topped with a variety of sweet or savory ingredients, reflecting the state’s innovative approach to pizza-making.

    Pacific Northwest

    Crossing over to the Pacific Northwest, Washington embraces the Seattle-inspired salmon pizza, often featuring smoked salmon, cream cheese, and capers. In Oregon, a commitment to local and fresh ingredients is evident in the widespread use of seasonal vegetables on pizzas, reflecting the state’s agricultural abundance.

    West Coast

    California, known for its culinary experimentation, has birthed the California-style pizza, characterized by a thin crust and a variety of innovative toppings. Avocado, goat cheese, and arugula are common choices, reflecting the state’s commitment to fresh and diverse ingredients. In neighboring Nevada, Las Vegas stands out with its extravagant pizza offerings, including unique combinations like truffle oil and prosciutto.

    Alaska and Hawaii

    Even in the far reaches of Alaska and Hawaii, pizza has found its place. Alaska’s seafood bounty inspires pizzas with smoked salmon, reindeer sausage, and Alaskan king crab. In Hawaii, the famous Hawaiian pizza with ham and pineapple is just the beginning; locals also enjoy toppings like Portuguese sausage, taro, and sweet Maui onions.


    Across the United States, pizza serves as a canvas for regional flavors and culinary creativity. Each state’s favorite toppings reflect not only the local ingredients available but also the cultural influences that shape regional cuisine. From the traditional to the avant-garde, American pizza continues to evolve, satisfying the diverse tastes of pizza lovers from coast to coast.

    So, the next time you bite into a slice, remember that you’re not just enjoying pizza – you’re experiencing a slice of America’s culinary diversity.

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