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Costco Sells One of the Best Steaks in the World

    Costco Sells One of the Best Steaks in the World

    In the realm of high-quality steaks, Wagyu is the undisputed “it girl.” The heavily marbled protein is reputed to be soft and incredibly flavorful. If you’ve ever had it at a restaurant, it was most certainly the most expensive choice on the menu. According to Business Insider, Wagyu beef is so precious that it may cost up to $200 per pound.

    Carnivores who are attracted by Wagyu and can afford the exorbitant price tag need go to their local high-end steakhouse–or Costco warehouse–to test it.

    The famous members-only club occasionally sells premium beef, and Costco consumers have been reporting that it is back in stock in the past few days. One person posted a photo of packed Japanese A5 Wagyu steaks on Reddit yesterday, but they didn’t say which warehouse had them.

    Another consumer rushed to Reddit late last week to post a photo of a large A5 Wagyu boneless beef ribeye they’d seen, but they didn’t specify which store was selling the protein. The ribeye was $59.99 per pound, which is a steal since the almost three-pound cut cost $178.77. Still, $59.99 a pound is a significant savings over the $200 the beef might cost.

    Wagyu beef is expensive because the Japanese cattle from which it is derived are different from your typical cows. According to the American Wagyu Association, the variety was developed to contain greater intramuscular fat cells.

    Some believe the unique fat that flows through these steaks melts in your lips. The Japanese government rigorously monitors what may and cannot be labeled as Wagyu, and A5 is the highest quality rating that the beef can get.

    However, the cut of meat is as polarizing as it is unique. Now that Costco is offering Wagyu again, some consumers say they can’t justify paying such a high price.

    “I would never spend this much money on beef,” one Reddit user said.

    The actual eating experience of Wagyu is likewise divisive. While some Costco customers raved about the delicious protein, others claimed to dislike the overly fatty cut of beef.

    “I’ve always thought Wagyu is way overrated.” It contains a lot of fat. “Some fat is fine, but Wagyu has far too much for my liking,” one buyer remarked.

    Prices and availability may vary based on region, as with any Costco product. However, if consumers cannot get Wagyu beef in a certain place and are eager to try it, some members have had success in asking that their local warehouse carry specific things.

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