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Costco Has Stopped Selling a Popular Butter in Certain Locations

    Costco Has Stopped Selling a Popular Butter in Certain Locations

    Irish butter is highly regarded due to the fact that it has a flavorful and very creamy consistency. The grass-fed cows that produce this product are commonly believed to be responsible for these attractive features. According to nutritionists, eating grass-fed butter may be more beneficial to one’s health than consuming conventional American butter.

    Grass-fed butter improves blood sugar levels, strengthens the immune system, and supports the heart and bones. You undoubtedly identify Kerrygold, which is the most popular brand of Irish butter in the United States at the moment, because of its eye-catching, glittering silver and gold packaging, which genuinely enables the product to stand out on shop shelves.

    As a result of the butter coffee frenzy that lifestyle expert Dave Asprey initiated in 2009, the brand became particularly popular and sought after. Kerrygold butter was removed off shelves at Costco locations in New York and California lately due to the possibility that its typical foil wrapping may be in violation of new state regulations that restrict the use of PFASs, which are chemicals that include perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl groups, in food packaging.

    Both states have recently passed legislation prohibiting these so-called “forever chemicals,” which, according to the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States, seem to be potentially hazardous to human health. In this year, a number of other states are also enacting regulations that are comparable.

    A representative of Kerrygold informed SFGate that the firm “made the responsible decision to reformulate some of our packaging” in response to the new laws. The representative also said that the butter would soon be available for purchase in shops, complete with packaging that was free of PFAS.

    Last month, Irish Central reported that Kerrygold had temporarily ceased exports to the United States “to guarantee that no affected goods would be in stores by the time the new state restrictions in New York and California came into effect.”

    Kerrygold’s decision to temporarily halt shipments to the United States was made in order…” In an interview with SFGate, a manager at Costco in San Francisco, it was said that the famous butter will most likely be available for a month or two.

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