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Burger King’s $10 Homecoming Meal Is Filling

    Burger King's $10 Homecoming Meal Is Filling

    The students have returned to school, and the beginning of the football season has arrived. Specifically, it marks the beginning of the homecoming season. Burger King has just recently announced its first homecoming lunch deal, which offers a unique choice for those interested in commemorating the annual festivities.

    Beginning tomorrow, September 21st, customers will have the chance to purchase the unique BK Homecoming Meal, designed for dual consumption and made available to customers only. One small piece of onion rings and one small part of french fries are included in the meal, along with two Whopper Jr. sandwiches, two milkshakes, and one small portion of french fries.

    Every component of the bundle will be available for purchase for only ten dollars; however, the price may change depending on the location.

    But in addition to it, the offer also includes a number of other things. Burger King is providing customers who purchase the BK Homecoming Meal with the opportunity to feel a sense of regality and familiarity by providing them with two unique crowns that are based around the Homecoming celebration.

    They will display an embellished design with the phrase “homecoming” written in capital letters, which departs from the traditional paper crown attached to the chain. The crowns will be available to customers in the following cities: New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, and Oklahoma City.

    Additionally, Burger King has launched its celebration of homecoming season on social media by posting pictures of folks wearing their homecoming attire while wearing the characteristic BK crowns. These pictures were posted on these social media platforms. In its most recent Instagram post, the corporation made the statement that the BK crown is more impressive than the homecoming crown.

    In a news statement, Zahra Nurani, Vice President of Marketing Communications for Burger King North America, said, “Over the years, we have observed fans incorporating Burger King into their homecoming traditions, incorporating our well-known crown as a component of their regal festivities throughout the nation.” This statement was made about homecoming celebrations held across the country.

    “We are thrilled to participate in the celebration by providing a delectable meal for two, giving HoCo-goers additional opportunities to include BK in this exceptional event.”

    The Burger King Homecoming Meal is not the only new item that has recently been added to the network of fast food restaurants. August 14th marked the beginning of a new limited-time collection of Royal Crispy Wraps made available at all participating Burger King restaurants nationwide. Basic, spicy, and honey mustard wraps are the three flavors available for purchase.

    Each wrap comprises a crispy white meat chicken, tomato, and lettuce encased in a soft tortilla with one of the three tastes. Although the price of each wrap is $2.99, it is possible that the price may change depending on the area.

    In the days leading up to the launch of this new menu item, Burger King added even more excitement to the summer by introducing two limited-time specials. Fiery Nuggets and a $1 Frozen Fanta Kickin’ Mango beverage were among the items that were available for purchase at this establishment.

    The mango and citrus flavors were present in the frozen beverage and had a “touch of spicy chili flavor.”

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