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Burger King Has Just Introduced Four Spicy New Menu Items

    Burger King Has Just Introduced Four Spicy New Menu Items

    There has been a growing trend among fast-food companies to include further spiciness into their menus this year. Examples include the introduction of McDonald’s Cheesy Jalapeño Bacon Quarter Pounder in July and Wendy’s Ghost Pepper Ranch Chicken Sandwich, which was added to menus in the spring. Burger King has recently introduced more spicy menu selections, following the trend of other chains.

    Regrettably, American Burger King enthusiasts are now unable to access these novel offerings, since they are only obtainable in Canada.

    Burger King has introduced four new menu items in Canada, all centered on the jalapeño pepper. These are the Jalapeño Whopper, Jalapeño Crispy Chicken Sandwich, Spicy Jalapeño Crispy Chicken Sandwich, and Jalapeño Chicken Wrap.

    While currently unavailable to American consumers, they may anticipate that the introduction of these new menu items in the Canadian market will generate sufficient popularity to motivate Burger King to eventually provide them nationwide in the United States.

    Canadian consumers who get the opportunity to sample the new spicy alternatives can anticipate encountering the jalapeño, which is the main ingredient, in many aspects of the dish. The Jalapeño Whopper consists of Burger King’s iconic Whopper burger, accompanied with jalapeño cheese, jalapeño slices, and a luscious jalapeño sauce.

    The Jalapeño Crispy Chicken Sandwich showcases a well-seasoned and breaded chicken fillet made from white flesh. It is adorned with jalapeño cheese, slices of jalapeño, and a luscious jalapeño sauce. The Spicy Jalapeño Crispy Chicken Sandwich is much the same, only it substitutes the standard chicken fillet with a fiery one.

    The Jalapeño Chicken Wrap consists of a breaded chicken fillet seasoned with spices, along with tomato, lettuce, jalapeños, and a creamy jalapeño sauce, all wrapped in a soft tortilla.

    Presently, there is no information on the recommended costs for the newly introduced commodities. Nevertheless, a Burger King establishment in Toronto is offering the recently introduced Whopper at a price of $8.99, while both chicken sandwiches are available for $7.99 each, and the wrap can be purchased for $2.99. Prices are subject to variation according on the location, hence consumers are advised to contact inquire with their local Canadian Burger King restaurant for more information.

    Burger King’s latest additions to their menu, including jalapeño-infused dishes, contribute to the expanding array of enticing fast-food choices in Canada in 2023, which have yet to be introduced in the United States. Burger King Canada just introduced a new range of Breakfast Wraps, which come in three flavors: sausage, bacon, and egg & cheese.

    Last week, McDonald’s introduced two new oversized breakfast sandwiches, namely the Mighty McMuffin and Mighty McGriddle, only in Canada. The Mighty McMuffin has a generous serving of hickory-smoked bacon, a freshly cracked Canada Grade A egg, processed cheddar cheese, and a sausage patty on a toasted English muffin.

    The Mighty McGriddle retains all the same components, but substituting the English muffin with a pair of delectable griddle cakes infused with a delightful maple taste.

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