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Burger King Has Introduced a New Meatless Cheeseburger

    Burger King Has Introduced a New Meatless Cheeseburger

    Fast-food restaurants constantly strive to discover innovative or startling methods to revitalize traditional burgers. However, Burger King’s latest iteration may be considered one of recent most audacious fast-food innovations.

    This week, the burger vendor introduced a new and unique Super Cheeseburger in Thailand, which has gained global attention and is being widely reported in the news. For what reason? Due to the inclusion of an astonishing 20 slices of cheese, the burger needs more ingredients.

    The item’s description on the Burger King website states that it is made using authentic cheese, offering a rich and distinct taste particularly appealing to cheese enthusiasts.

    By default, the cheeseburger does not include a beef patty, vegetables, or sauces to balance the richness of the cheese. However, consumers have the freedom to personalize their order by adding these ingredients. Nevertheless, the cheeseburger seems somewhat less viscous than anticipated

    Despite the carefully stacked arrangement of 20 slices of American cheese that seem to be just partially melted, the expected gooey texture characteristic of a cheese sandwich is noticeably absent.

    The sandwich was introduced on July 11 and will be available for purchase exclusively until July 13. A multitude of TikTokers in Thailand have promptly gathered at their nearby Burger King establishments to taste and evaluate the burger.

    Thus far, several critics have expressed dissatisfaction with the colossal creation. TikToker @lymanmcgarry93 described it as a “monstrosity.” Another food critic on TikTok, @lizazzayoga, described the flavor as “somewhat peculiar.” However, if any Burger King patrons in Thailand like processed cheese, they may find the Super Cheeseburger an ideal choice.

    The introduction of this vegetarian burger has generated significant attention for Burger King, comparable to the controversy surrounding their unsuccessful A1 Halloween Whopper. The sandwich was introduced in the United States as a temporary offering around Halloween in 2015.

    The burger had a black bread imbued with A1 sauce characteristics, although the visually striking bun ultimately proved to be the burger’s main drawback. Individuals who ingested the burger reported discoloration of their feces to a green hue, a phenomenon attributed by specialists to several food colorings in the bun.

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