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American Airlines Reduces 90% of New York City Flights

    American Airlines Reduces 90% of New York City Flights

    As a result of the coronavirus, American Airlines has been compelled to cancel more than ninety percent of its flights to New York City for at least one month.

    A statement was issued by American Airlines on Sunday stating that the airline would be cutting the number of flights it runs to the metropolitan area of New York City by more than ninety percent. This is a direct reaction because New York City is a central location for spreading the coronavirus. This resulted in very low flight loads, a consequence of a market already relatively depressed.

    A total of over 120,000 cases of COVID2019, which is also referred to as the coronavirus, were documented in the state of New York. More than 67,500 incidents were recorded in New York City, and 2,472 persons lost their lives as a result of these incidents.

    In a statement that he sent to the employees of American Airlines, David Seymour, who is the senior vice president of operations at the airline, stated the following:

    Because the number of cases of CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) in New York City and the surrounding region is continuing to rise, as well as the fact that Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for travel to the area are being implemented, the demand for flights to the New York area is gradually decreasing. There will be fewer flights to and from New York City.

    Limited Flights to/from NYC

    Only three flights will be flown by the airline from John F. Kennedy International Airport, a significant fall from the eight flights from LaGuardia Airport in April of the previous year, totaling around 170.

    Both United Airlines and JetBlue Airways have already announced that they will significantly reduce the number of flights they operate in the New York City area.

    The Upshot

    The fact that American Airlines will not be running a nonstop flight between Los Angeles and New York City for the first time in eight decades should be considered.

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