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Alaska Airlines Is Launching a Direct Flight from Jfk in New York to Anchorage

    Alaska Airlines Is Launching a Direct Flight from Jfk in New York to Anchorage

    The John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York and the Anchorage International Airport in Alaska will be directly connected by a new nonstop route that Alaska Airlines will offer. Beginning on June 13, 2024, the seasonal flight will be the sole direct route between the New York hub and Anchorage. It will operate on a daily basis throughout the summer months.

    According to a statement issued by the airline, the journey will be flown on a brand new Boeing 737-800 since the distance of the route is 3,386 miles, and the aircraft can accommodate the extended flight duration.

    In addition to the trip that will fly to New York, Alaska Airlines has also announced that they will begin operating a flight that will run nonstop from Anchorage to San Diego beginning on May 18, 2024. This service will be provided on a weekly basis and will make use of a Boeing 737 aircraft.

    “During our peak summer months, we’ll have a robust flight schedule of 63 departures a day from Anchorage,” Alaska Airlines Regional Vice President of Marketing Marilyn Romano said in the statement about the expansion of the airport’s flying options.
    The Alaska Airlines website and mobile app now allow customers to book tickets for both the New York and San Diego routes.

    Alaska Airlines has been growing the number of flights that depart from its hub in Anchorage to various cities and towns around the United States, including those in Chicago, Denver, Honolulu, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Portland, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Seattle, and Everett (Washington).

    Various cities that have benefited from this expansion include Salt Lake City, San Francisco, and Everett (Washington). At this time, Alaska Airlines travels to more than 120 locations throughout the globe.

    According to figures provided by the state of Alaska, more than a million visitors arrive in Alaska each year by air travel, even though more than half of tourists who visit Alaska arrive on the state via cruise ships.

    According to research published by Alaska Business in 2022, tourists who go to Alaska spend over $1.2 billion when visiting the state’s national parks, the majority of which are located in the state’s interior. These national parks include Denali National Park and Preserve as well as Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve.

    Because of the state’s mild climate and extended daylight hours, summer is a wonderful season to go to Alaska. According to the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Alaska Travel Industry Association, Jillian Simpson, who commented, “There’s so much to do in Anchorage and in the smaller towns nearby that mapping out your itinerary might be the toughest thing you do before heading west.”

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