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A Popular Coca-Cola Product Has Returned To Costco

    There is a certain quality about consuming Mexican Coke that is more enjoyable than drinking Coke produced in the United States, and this is not just due to the presence of the iconic glass bottle. The dominant variant of the renowned carbonated beverage in the United States is formulated with high-fructose corn syrup.

    Imported Mexican Coke in the United States is purportedly manufactured with authentic cane sugar, and customers have consistently claimed to discern a distinct flavor.

    The esteemed supermarket corporation Costco sometimes provides this exclusive carbonated beverage, and members have lately reported its return to the store locations. However, even the strong preference of buyers for Mexican Coke could not provide sufficient protection against significant criticisms over its high cost.

    A customer at Costco captured an image of crates of Mexican Coke at their nearby warehouse and shared it on the retailer’s Reddit page throughout this week. Reddit users promptly highlighted the $32.99 cost of a 24-pack of the beverages.
    “The price significantly increased,” one observed.

    “The price is exorbitant and lacks value, according to another individual’s perspective,” another person said.

    Costco prices may fluctuate based on the area. Nevertheless, several customers have recollected instances of discovering cases of the beverage for significantly reduced rates on previous occasions. One individual recalled seeing the Mexican Coke sold for $23.99 “relatively recently,” whilst another claimed to have purchased a case for as little as $18 before the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak.

    Reddit users who are lovers of Costco have often expressed dissatisfaction with the exorbitant prices of carbonated beverages sold at the warehouse.

    The excessive costs are not entirely unexpected, given the substantial increase in the cost of several supermarket goods in recent years, which are attributable to reasons such as the pandemic and supply chain disruptions. The prices of essential supermarket items such as eggs and pork have just begun to decrease in the last few months.

    However, despite the current prevalence of expensive shopping bills, Costco members were still trying to remember the negative impression caused by the high price of Mexican Coke.

    “I refuse to spend more than one dollar on any beverage,” a consumer said on Reddit.

    This is not the only recent instance when Costco has provoked its members with its pricing. In February, customers criticized the company on Reddit after seeing a new food court roast beef sandwich advertised at an exorbitant price of $9.99.

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